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Demographic Information

Patient name, gender, date of birth, patient age, patient ID, and patient's phone number appear at the top of the Result Details screen.

  • Click Expand to view additional information.

Example  (Move your mouse over Expand.)

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Quick Navigation

Each patient results screen allows you to quickly navigate to the next or previous patient record in your Reports List without going back to the Results Inbox.


  • Click Previous to view the preceding patient result details as listed in your Reports Inbox.

  • Click Next to view the subsequent patient result details as listed in your Reports Inbox.

  • Click Reports List to return to the last displayed view of your Reports Inbox.

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Displays the date, time, and user name of the individual who last printed, faxed, or emailed the patient report.


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You may create internal notes for a particular patient's laboratory report. You can add, edit, or remove notes within the same option.

  • You can add or review annotations by selecting View / Add Notes. Once displayed:

    • Click Add a New Note to create a new annotation.

    • Click Edit or Delete to change or remove an existing note.

Example  (Move your mouse over Add Note.)

 When you add an annotation for a patient's report, it will be labeled with your user ID, date, and time the annotation was created.

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Print Patient Results

To print the currently displayed report, click the Print button.

  • A pop-up window displays.


  • Click Print to confirm.  A PDF of the patient's results will appear to allow viewing and/or printing to your default printer.

 To print results/reports for multiple patients, return to the Results Inbox and select the appropriate patient records before clicking Print.  Click here for more details.

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Fax Patient Results

To fax the currently displayed report, click the Fax button.

  • Recipient name and fax number is required.  Note is optional.

  • You can fax a patient report to up to five fax numbers. Click Add Another to display additional entry fields.


  • Once recipient name(s) and fax number(s) are entered, click Confirm, then Send to fax the patient results.

  If the fax number is on file in the LabCorp Beacon┬«application, the recipient's name will auto-fill when the fax number is typed and/or selected from the drop-down list that appears.

The Office administrator may create or modify the fax list for your location.  Click here for more details.

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Email Patient Results

To email the currently displayed report, click the Email button.

  • Your associated email application will automatically display.


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General Comments

This area of the Result Details screen displays general comments applied to the accession, which are generated from the system. These are not comments directly associated to a lab result.


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View Official Report

If the official report is not already displayed on your screen as it is for some testing (i.e. Histology, Flow Cytometry, Pathology, etc.), you can click the View Official Report link and a PDF appears in a new browser window.


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